What We Do

Louisiana 811 allows you to simultaneously notify many underground utilities operators or facilities of your intent to dig or demolish. You can call 811, toll-free at 1-800-272-3020, or use our internet ticketing service (Next Gen) to submit a locate request.

When you call or click to file a locate request, we use a sophisticated computerized mapping system to notify members whose facilities are likely to be affected by your excavation or demolition.

Our members respond by marking their cables, pipelines, and similar systems so that you can avoid them. We record all notification calls and keep them on file for three years in case disputes arise.

Contacting Louisiana 811 before you dig saves money for everyone by reducing the possibility of damage, eliminating construction delays and contributing to public safety. We are funded by our members who operate underground systems, and our service is free to everyone.


The Louisiana Damage Prevention Law became effective in 1988. This law requires excavators and demolishers to call a regional notification center at least two full business days before they begin their work.

The law also requires owner/operators of underground utilities or facilities to mark locations or supply information that will enable excavators and demolishers to determine the approximate location of underground utilities and facilities. At the time the law passed, a non-profit notification program called DOTTIE (Dial One Time To Inform Everyone) had already been at work protecting vital underground facilities for more than a decade.

Today that program is known as Louisiana 811. Our service is free to anyone who disturbs the soil, individuals or companies, whether they work with heavy equipment or hand tools.


The Mission of Louisiana 811 is to support the protection of our members’ facilities, the public, and the environment by providing excellent damage prevention services in a cost-effective manner.

Our Vision

The Vision of Louisiana 811 is to be a prominent leader in damage prevention through innovation, education and technology while providing excellent customer service.